Our new affiliate designer @My_ephemera wanted to share with our lovely costumers a snippet of what inspires the creative mind behind the new collection coming soon

In recent years I was struggling with my mental health, wondering if I was getting what I wanted and needed out of life. Fast forward to the present, and I’ve made decisions that have changed my life for the better, I am happier and accomplishing more and more every day. 

Then Covid-19 hit. The epidemic affected my mental health, triggering my anxiety and worrying about things that I look at and laugh. The governments approach to the epidemic has left myself and many others in a state of confusion, along with a cracking collection of overgrown hair, home hair dye kits, and the need to get creative. 

Salty!? Approached me due to my interests in history, as well as my passion of an inclusive world. As a feminist I believe that all people should be treated equally, and no person should fear for their safety in societies that find themselves stuck in a century that has long past. Supporting one another regardless of a persons sexuality, gender (if they identify), race...etc; should be second nature, not to be objectified by the few. Knowledge is fundamental to society and the foundation to treating one another with respect and the sensitivity to listen and learn how a person feels within their society. Myself as a Queer woman can feel empowered one day when support radiates from those around me, but once outside of my safe circle of family and friends I can find myself feeling anxious, making me want to hide away. Talking with others within the Queer community I can listen, and learn to how others feel. I want to use this opportunity from Salty!? to share and help others understand not everyone feels safe in their community. 

At the age of 24 I enrolled into the University of Hull as a Film student. Film influences people worldwide and I find the more I learn the more I find history white washing the facts, my art is created in a way that is influenced by film, society and politics. My dissertation is centred around prejudice in Second World War propagandist cartoons coming out of Hollywood, influencing society. Learning from documented propaganda and how it effected society’s outlook on minorities as well as how and why stereotypes arose against non-whites. 


Check out the artists Instagram for exclusive sneak peaks in to what it's like to be a affiliate designer with Salty!?, our new range and even more artwork that challenges the narrative of every day. 




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