Hi all,

I suppose I should start by introducing myself. I’m josh, a vegetarian, LGBTQIA+ member and Labour voter. Plus, I’m the CEO of Officially Salty. A lockdown born business focusing on creating merchandise and accessories that cater to fringe groups, as well as social and political movements. It still feels surreal at what we have achieved and how many people are deeply interested in what we do. My journey started years ago, back in school. All throughout education I spent years studying art, design and photography which woke up a creative demon inside me and compelled me to think, create and reflect on any project I have undertaken. Alongside the creative subjects I also had a keen interest in social sciences and I often mixed the two medias, creating images that addressed societal problems and situations. Salty was born from a large mixture of not finding clothes I wanted to wear or finding great clothes from a bad company. I wanted to create fashion collections and pieces that make a statement, do no harm and fit those people like me who was fed up with the mind field shopping can become. I collected as many creatives as I could trying to break in to the creative industries and we began the first collection, Boris Johnson was the center of this and thus become the collection we launched with (due to be archived this weekend). It’s a mixture of emotions, my first project for Salty coming to an end but the excitement of what the company can create and show case next is so exciting and I cant wait for you all to view it, wear it and make those statements.

Lots of Love,

Josh, CEO